About Me

I provide strategic marketing, product marketing, sales support, and corporate communications for start-ups, bringing over 15 years of proven experience to the table. 

Evan Birkhead
Evan BirkheadStrategic Marketing & Communications

My tech sector experience dates back to my years in journalism when I was news editor of LAN Computing magazine (1990-94) and editor-in-chief of Internetwork magazine (1994-97).

I then began my marketing career in 1997 when I joined Micromuse, a start-up in the network management software space that experienced skyrocketing growth (Nasdaq: MUSE, acq. IBM). In 1999, I was named Vice President of Corporate Communications, reporting to CEO Greg Brown (now Chairman & CEO of Motorola Solutions).

I launched Evan Birkhead LLC on November 1, 2002 and have since worked with many diverse companies at all stages of the technology start-up process. Micromuse was among my first clients. In fact, several of my clients have been acquired by world-class companies.

Today, along with my consulting partners, I guide the sales and marketing strategies of start-ups across a variety of industries, tailoring solutions to each client and bringing a unique brand of energy, creativity, and expertise to each.