There is no template for strategic marketing. We tailor very different solutions for each client, depending on their specific needs. Our business relies 100% on recommendations. We have worked hard to earn the respect of these industry leaders. Excerpts below:

Contact us to receive the complete text of these letters of recommendation via email [pdf].

Greg Brown – Former CEO, Micromuse [now Chairman & CEO, Motorola Solutions]

  • “I am writing to offer my highest recommendation for Evan Birkhead.”
  • “He helped drive our ongoing growth, issuing several news announcements per week while managing our global media communications, including recurring live segments on MSNBC, CNBC, and CNN-fn.”
  • “As we launched our product across the U.S., Europe, Asia and Latin America, Evan supported our demanding global sales effort with cutting-edge marketing communications materials, including the expert use of online video and other web-based tools.”
  • “I am confident that Evan’s creative energy, experience, attention to detail and high-spirited outlook on life will be an asset to your organization.”

Robert F. Cruickshank, III – CEO, Rev2

  • “This letter is to offer my highest recommendation for Evan Birkhead LLC.  I believe Evan will make an outstanding contribution to your sales and marketing efforts.”
  • “After I came on board, we developed a service provider use case and immediately began to shift the marketing emphasis toward Cable and Broadband solutions.  Evan worked closely with me to ensure we created a rock-solid value proposition.”
  • “Over the course of a few short months, we rolled out the new message for the web, videos, sales presentations, partner presentations, trade shows, conference panels, product demos, press and analysts. The campaign gave us market momentum and today the Cable market is Rev2’s most promising.”
  • “Evan has helped guide us through other important transitions as well. For example, when the Rev2 employees completed a management buyout, he acted as my right-hand man through the arduous process, demonstrating that he is a exemplary team player.  As a result, Rev2 has a very bright future.”
  • “I am grateful to Evan for his diligence, his dedication to Rev2, and his wonderful contribution to our growth as a team and as a company.  Given Evan’s character, I am confident he will do the same for your organization.”

Peter Ellman – CEO, Western Cape Direct (formerly Helicor)

  • “Evan knows start-ups as well as larger company plays, and he understands the strategic and technology side of both B-to-B and B-to-C marketing.”
  • “I was most impressed when he single-handedly landed publicity for Helicor in a myriad of consumer and health magazines, often-visited websites, and national and regional TV programs, including a standalone 8-minute segment on Good Morning America.”
  • “I am continually impressed by Evan’s energy and focus.  He is an impressive, results-oriented, cost-conscious team player who has a great attitude as well as a serious desire to win for his team.”

Alan Fink – CEO Quantiva [now VP, Strategic Partners & Channels, NetScout]

  • “Quantiva had former Micromuse employees who had highly recommended Evan. He definitely lived up to their commendations and much more – like them, I am pleased to give Evan my highest recommendation.”
  • “At Quantiva, Evan handled our entire marketing and sales support infrastructure. This included managing our website, sales presentations, online demos and lead generation system while architecting our market positioning message and outreach to press, analysts, partners, investors and customers.”
  • “He was invoicing me for a couple days a week, but it was clear from his results that he was dedicating much more of his time. Evan has a conscientious, old-school work ethic and tremendous pride in his work.”
  • “He reliably helped us position our company for the acquisition of customers and just as importantly for our ultimate end game.  The positioning and market presence he built for Quantiva played a key role in our acquisition by NetScout in April of 2005.”

Gary Millrood – Former Publisher, Internetwork magazine [now SVP, Sales, HubCast]

  •  “Evan Birkhead has earned my highest recommendation as a journalist, editor, writer/report and marketer.”
  • “Evan’s understanding of media and promotions played a crucial role in the overwhelming success of our cutting-edge media products. Editorially, Evan defined an area that was years ahead of it’s time in terms of widespread adoption: deployment of Internet technologies in the corporate enterprise.”
  • “Evan established himself as one of the editorial leaders in the technology journalism field before he moved on to the marketing and communications side in 1997.”
  • “He is hard-working, loyal to his team, and a pleasure to work with. He is an outstanding leader and will be a great addition to your team!”

Tim Tokarsky – Co-founder & COO, WysDM Software [now CEO, Lighting Assisted Management Partnership (LAMP)]

  • “Based on my years working alongside Evan Birkhead, I am pleased to strongly recommend his strategic marketing and communications service.”
  • “At Micromuse, where I headed up development for the Netcool suite of products, I found Evan to be an outstanding resource. He is a quick learner and creative thinker who, like many of us, worked around the clock to keep pace with the company’s exponential growth. Thanks to many of Evan’s ideas, we created the aura of a big company and market leader while we were still very small.”
  • “Later, during my stint as SVP, Marketing & Business Development, Evan reported directly to me in his capacity of VP, Corporate Communications. Evan led the effort to define a new market niche (“Business and Service Assurance solutions”) with a rebranded tagline (“Realtime. Uptime. All the time.”). The repositioning was extremely well received by the market.”
  • “Based on this track record, I brought Evan in as a marketing consultant at WysDM Software to help plan our market entrance. Evan was hands-on in helping us create our first product messaging and positioning. He wisely advised us to establish message consistency across our website, sales presentations, and press/analyst outreach.”